Solar Monkey delivers software that increases the efficiency of designing, installing and monitoring solar systems.

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We enable solar to be the world’s leading power supply. Solar Monkey delivers software and services to allow for more insight and certainty. After becoming market leader in The Netherlands, our team is currently developing an international version of Solar Monkey.

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'A game changer: combining quick designs with accurate calculations'

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Less clicks, less costs, more impact
Solar installers of the future use software to free up their time. By remote designing accurate roof plans their acquisitions costs decrease up to 25%. Solar Monkeys software utilizes a unique combination of LiDAR 3D data and aerial photography for high accuracy.

Unique shading analysis based on environmental recognition
The algorithm behind Solar Monkey is developed together with Delft Technical University. For each system design a 360 degree scan measures the influence of shade. The software recognizes sunlight blocking objects to accurately calculate the expected yield.

Such accurate calculations… it’s guaranteed!
In addition we deliver services to monitor and guarantee the energy yield to the consumer. This introduces a tremendous amount of security over the investment. The solar system  will constantly be monitored, also keep track of actual weather conditions.

Automated accuracy as a PVision
We are working towards fully automating the process of designing and monitoring. This will allow for efficient pro-active offering of large numbers of solar systems, and nation wide plans for solar development.

Time for an efficient world powered with clean solar energy

Solar Monkey’s technology is developed by a young, mission driven team and together with innovative partners like the Technical University of Delft. Meet us online or in person at international events like Slush, CES or InterSolar.

At CES Solar Monkey is proud to be part of the Holland Tech square, where Dutch tech startups display the way they improve our lives, as featured also in Sprout (NL).

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